Calibration 74: Chapter Seventy-One

William F. Aicher
1 min readJan 4, 2021
Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust on Unsplash

Calibration 74 is a serial novel experiment, posted raw and unedited as it is written. It is recommended you start at the beginning.

— — —

Chapter Seventy-One

They’ve defeated the crocodiles and breached the walls. My enemies are closing in. A leprechaun hides its treasure chest. There will be no rainbows tonight.

The waters rise, flooding the hallways. A band of pirates steadily rows in a boat. My hair stands on end, at the back of my neck. The missiles will detonate soon.

A firecracker of gunfire erupts from above. Flames, and an airplane goes down. The pilot escapes, but his parachute catches fire before he can make it to ground.

Navy ships and submarines. A volcano on the horizon. A bomb drops from the dark skies above and blows a hole in the roof.

And here they come. They’ve found me again. Waterfalls drop from their silvery spaceship, as it acts like an umbrella above.

In the distance, a dragon roars.

This stand is my last. All options exhausted.

Shush now. Don’t worry my love.

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